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  • Who's Reading the Expertise Marketplace™ Blog?

    “I wish I had discovered your blog earlier. It's such a lively dialogue on professional firm marketing. There is lots of good stuff here.
    Ford Harding
    Author, Creating Rainmakers

    “I subscribe to your blog, read it regularly, and thoroughly enjoy it. I agree with just about everything in there, and frequently find new takes on ideas.”
    Charles H. Green
    Author, Trust-Based Selling, Co-author, The Trusted Advisor

    “I feel as though I have discovered fresh air (your blog).
    Gerald A. Riskin

    “Coming from one of the best marketing minds I’ve encountered, your blog is a must-read for me.”
    Barbara Walters Price
    SVP Marketing
    Mercer Capital Management

    One of ‘The Top 12 Gurus of Professional Services
    Ian Brodie, Get Clients · The Selling Professional Services Blog

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